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Bridging the traditional and pop culture world, Jidou Art Studio specializes in traditional ink wash paintings of anime, game and original characters. 


Our Mission

We pride ourselves in meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to preserving the authenticity of traditional calligraphy that sets us apart from the crowd. Instead of relying on computerized techniques or shortcuts, our core members dedicate countless hours collaborating and perfecting our craft. Seamlessly blending traditional style with the dynamic world of modern anime characters, we produce breathtaking artwork that appeals to both traditional art enthusiasts and fans of contemporary anime and pop culture. By bridging these two worlds, we offer a fresh perspective in today's art scene.

The Technique

Ink wash is unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. It is almost impossible to fix mistakes, so one wrong stroke will require starting over from scratch. 

The art of ink wash blurs the line between drawing and painting. As it involves applying the ink when wet, many classify it as a painting technique. Although there are a variety of colored inks that can be used, for the sake of adhering to the traditions, the color palette that our studio uses are still rather restricted as compared to watercolors. 


Nothing complements a traditional piece better than a poetic description of the characters. The calligraphy style we opt for is an ancient Chinese script that is a work of art in itself. 


Anime Gallery

Reviving the Classics

Original Art Gallery

How a dragon came to life

By hand on calligraphy paper, step by step.

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