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Help us protect our art.

Currently, we are only selling on this website and at in-person events in North America and Asia. No other individual, shop, online platform are authorized to sell or use our artwork.

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Stop Art Theft

Many of you have brought to our attention that our artwork has been circulating on random websites. The art theft has even spread worldwide - all the way to events in the UK, to France (@japanexpo_fr), to Italy, and more. We cannot attend a con without seeing someone unknowingly wearing a shirt or hoodie with our art on it. Currently, we are only selling paper prints and hand-embroidered wall scrolls at events and here on our website. No other individual, shop, online platform are authorized to sell or use our artwork. 

How can you help?


Please use the form below and continue sending us links of items you find that are suspicious. 

Please spread awareness about art theft on social media platforms.

If you are an overseas fan based in Europe who happen to find our artwork at a convention, please  directly report to the convention on site - that way, action could be taken immediately.


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Clearing Confusion

We are aware that there are businesses out there selling artwork that are greatly influenced by our style to the extent we are often being confused.

We are in not affiliated with them in any way. 

We are also aware of businesses that blatantly stole our artwork. If you find anything suspicious, please report them to the host / event.

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